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Marcel Ardani

About Us

Owners: Romelia & Marcel Lupas

Our story:

Our company began with a goal in mind, this goal was to bring quality back. When Marcel Ardani started, we had the customer in mind, we wanted to create a high quality bag with a classic touch that remains timeless though the trends. Which is why our company proudly crafts Marcel Ardani handbags with cowhide directly from Columbia to guarantee excellency. Our family owned business dedicates Marcel Ardani to providing you with a bag that, unlike big chains, takes time to insure your bag is up to our personal standards. Our goal is not only to offer stylish, high-quality handbags, but we want them to be practical as well. In respect to that, all of Marcel Ardani bags include laptop or Ipad pockets, organizer compartments, and accessory holders to meet your every need. At Marcel Ardani, we value the customer and authenticity.

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                                                                  -Romelia and Marcel


To contact us reach us by email: Marcelardanihandbags@gmail.com

         or instagram: @Marcelardani